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SAP BPC Test Drive

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Available Test Drives

Access your own copy of SAP BPC in your own private cloud in minutes!

You will be able to start up your own server and test drive this best of breed budgeting, forecasting, planning and consolidation tool from SAP. You will have access to not only the web based Planning tool but also the Microsoft Excel plugin as well as our custom developed training lab and video to demonstrate the power and simplicity of one of the most widely used planning, forecasting and consolidation tool in business today.

For the purposes of this Amazon Test Drive, you will be given access to the full functionality of the product via a remote desktop connection from your PC anywhere on the internet where you will be able to launch the web based workspace and use Excel with the plugin preinstalled. (Our standard cloud clients would normally access SAP directly from their web browsers and excel running on their desktop.)

After you register, you will receive login information and once you start your demonstration, you will have 4 hours to test drive. After this time, the environment will be deleted. You may also start up to 4 additional test drives at any point in the future.

To facilitate your use, a manual is provided that will walk you through the typical steps of a BPC planning process. All of the input schedules, reports and dimensionality has been set up for you. It takes about a half hour to follow the steps in the manual. You may follow the manual steps provided or freely “test drive” the system during the four hours.

Please fill in all fields and use only your corporate email address. No gmail, yahoo etc. emails will be accepted.

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